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Things to Do

Top 10 Attractions in Haralson County

Paddlers on Tallapoosa River

1. Paddle The Poosa

The Dub Denman Canoe Trail is located on the Tallapoosa River. At approximately 27 miles long in Haralson County, Georgia, the trail connects to the Alabama Canoe Trail. There are three launch sites along the Tallapoosa River: Poplar Springs, Georgia Hwy 100, and Broad Street in Tallapoosa, Georgia. Enjoy this beautiful, quiet, and one of the cleanest rivers in the West Georgia area.



2. Budapest Cemetery

The cemetery, containing about 20 graves, has a large arch gateway entrance and a split rail fence along the roadway. In 1888, three winemaking communities were founded here on some 2000 acres. A local land developer, Ralph L. Spencer, invited some 200 Hungarian wine-making families to settle this region. The wine industry flourished in this climate until 1908 when the passage of the Prohibition Act in Georgia spelled their doom. The residents were forced back to the Pennsylvania mines.

“The Southern Roots of Budapest” – a collection of traditional Hungarian and classic Southern recipes is available for sale through the Haralson County Historical Society.

770-646-3369 or 770-630-8946
East of Tallapoosa,Georgia on Budapest Cemetery Road


3. Helton Howland Park

This unique park is a continuation of the Veterans Memorial with its displays of military vehicles. Enjoy a walk in the park or a picnic under the covered shelter. Doodle Thrower amphi-theater is available for local groups. A fantastic fireworks display is held at the park in July.

2853 Hwy 78, Tallapoosa, GA 30176


4. Bremen Depot Park

Watch the more than 40 trains that pass through Bremen each day from the comfort of the new Bremen Depot Park. The park shelter was fashioned after the original design of the Trail Depot that was located in Bremen for many years. There is a scanner installed in the Depot that lets you listen in on train radio traffic and know what is coming down the tracks. It's sort of like the police scanner but more fun!   Plenty of parking and restrooms.  The park is open daily.

Hwy 78, Bremen, GA 30110


5. West Georgia Museum

This museum has something for all ages. A look back at the late 1800 early 1900 era, replicas of old stores, a barber shop and bank, will take you back to an earlier time. For the youngsters, a whole assemblage of dinosaurs greets visitors as they enter the museum. With a 30 ft. Tyrannosaurus Rex towering over several other smaller dinosaurs, it is indeed an awesome site that will inspire young, inquisitive minds. A horse drawn buggy and a restored 1923 Ford Peddlers wagon will bring out the realism of that long ago period.

185 Mann Street, Tallapoosa, GA 30176

County Courthouse

6. Historic Haralson County Courthouse

A picturesque agglomeration of towers, turrets, arches, differing wall surfaces, windows in a variety of sizes and shapes, and exuberant ornament, the old Haralson County courthouse, which has stood proudly in the center of the square in little Buchanan since 1892, epitomizes the Victorian period. The building is Queen Anne in style. It was designed by Bruce and Morgan, whose partnership produced at least eight Georgia courthouses including several along U.S. 27. The building now houses the local historical society and library.

145 Courthouse Square, Buchanan, GA 30113

Tourism Campaign

7. Standpipe Park

“The Standpipe” was Tallapoosa’s first water system from 1890.  The old pipe stands on Hwy 78 near the rail road track. The .84 acre park is directly across from the Standpipe and was vacant for many years. The property was purchased by our local historian in May 2015 for the purpose of beautifying the entrance into Tallapoosa from the east.

A main attraction in the park is a huge Deodar cedar, native to the mountain forests of the Himalayas.  What started as an entrance to Tallapoosa gradually became an outside art park. This is a labor of love from the local art community. You will find folk art carvings, a Flintstone mobile made from part of an old magnolia tree, various art paintings on plywood used to boarder a section of the park and many metal art creations. Stop by and take a load off at the picnic area under the pavilion built by a local scout for his Eagle Scout project.

770-328-6674 (Mary Tolleson)
Hwy 78, Tallapoosa, GA 30176


8. Bremen Veterans Park

A walkway to honor military service members in a manner similar to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, whose guards march twenty-one paces next to the Tomb, is part of the park.

“Twenty-one symbolizes the highest military honor that can be bestowed, the twenty-one gun salute,” she said. “In the Bremen Veterans Park, there will be a walkway three feet wide, and sixty-three feet long that simulates the Tomb Guard pathway to provide a salute to all unknown military members, and to provide an interactive opportunity for students, young and old alike, to pace out the twenty-one steps.”

The park includes a designated burn-pit that will be used exclusively for the retiring of old flags in accordance with the U.S. Flag Code, which states that flags must be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

309 Buchanan Street, Bremen, GA 30110


9. Haralson County Military Memorial

Preserving the history and service of Haralson County Veterans while providing community service, awareness and education for current and future generations of Georgia, while honoring our fallen heroes. A memorial to the fallen on 9/11/2001 was added in a dedication on 9/11/2011. This includes a replica of the Twin Towers along with a mangled piece of iron from the New York Towers.

An Americana Fourth of July Celebration is held here each year to honor our veterans.

678-416-1401 (Sammy Robinson)
Intersection of Hwy 100 N. and Robertson Ave., Tallapoosa, GA 30176


10. Sewell Mill Textile Exhibit

Sewell Mill Events Facility was established in September 2009 to serve as the first multipurpose community and professional center for the residents of Haralson County. The Mill is a catalyst and support system for social gatherings, community functions, and artisan endeavors. Built in 1918, this historical building gives honor and remembrance to our region’s glorious past as “The Clothing Center of The South”. To honor the Textile history of Haralson County, an Exhibit of the Textile Industry in Bremen has been created inside Sewell Mill. You can now take a Self-Guided Tour of the museum.  As you enter in the front door, you will see a Time Clock near photos of some of the history of Sewell Mill.  A card is located near the clock to prompt you to each step.  Begin by Clocking In.  You are now an employee at work at Sewell Manufacturing.  Follow the prompts through each step.  The tour will take approximately 20 minutes but will take you back in time to the days of the textile experience.

126 Hamilton Avenue, Bremen, Georgia 30110